Mr Gupta goes to the Sea

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Set in modern India, Mr Gupta goes to the Sea is a tale of discovery from four perspectives: Mr Gupta, a dying man who faces the task of protecting his family from a ruthless serial killer; Kāla-Vaz, a psychopath who believes himself to be a god; Olaf, an Irishman, who is a tormented special forces soldier; and the wilding of an escaped tiger. Their destinies are inextricably intertwined. Gupta is not alone – he has the help of William MacKeeg, a 19th century 78th Highlander who died in Lucknow. Each string of the tale gives insight to how probability, rather than destiny, can shape lives and affect futures. A story of hope rising from despair, and gentleness overcoming the horrors of life. An interweaving of violence with passivity and brutal enlightenment.

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Paperback £12.50

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